Parents’ Information

At The Arc we want you to be happy with the care and learning we provide. We pride ourselves in understanding the importance of instilling confidence and enthusiasm in each child and their family. We recognise how important it is to keep parents/carers informed as much as possible.

To honour this we have put together some frequently asked questions and our policies for your reference below, if you have any further enquiries then please feel free to contact the nursery directly.

Parents’ FAQ

Are all your staff qualified?

Yes we have 26 staff working directly with children, of whom 22 hold level 3 qualifications and 4 hold level 2 qualifications. The manager and deputy are super numerate.

What is the staff ratio:

1-3 for ages 0-2.   1-4 for ages 2-3.     1-6 for ages 3-5.

Do you have space to store parent’s buggies?

Yes but only umbrella type buggies. There is limited space and so if there is no room in the buggy cupboard then you will be asked to take your buggy home.

Do you provide French lessons or extra activities?

No we feel our curriculum is very full with the activities we provide.

Do you take vouchers?

Yes we are registered with most voucher systems.

Do we have to provide nappies and milk?

No, we provide all formula milk for babies under 1 year. As recommended by the Health Authority we recommend babies drinking cow’s milk once they are a year old.

We provide all nappies. At present we use pampers but if your child is allergic to pampers we will purchase the brand you use for your child.

Is there a late pick up fee?

Yes: You will be charged for each 5 minutes after the nursery is closed. This will be £15.00 and a further £5.00 for each subsequent 5 minutes.

What if I go on holiday or my child is sick, to I still have to pay their fees?

You will still be liable to pay fees for your child’s place even if your child is absent for any reason.

What will my child be learning or structure to the day?

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum as set out by the government.

Do you provide babysitting service?

No this goes against our child protection policy.

What does a parent/carer need to bring

At least two sets of spare clothes to put into their lilac bag.

A pair of indoor shoes – which must have a rubber soles i.e. like plimsolls or soft trainers. Not wellies or slippers.

All items of clothing especially shoes and coat to have child’s name written on them.

What not to bring to nursery

Food from home.
Toys from home.