Charlie & Gracey both love their time at the Arc! The nursery is a caring, secure environment that inspires confidence in both children & their parents. I always feel I am leaving them in safe hands and that they will enjoy lots of attention, love & hugs from the incredible staff that work there. There is something very special about every member of staff knowing your child’s name. Thank you Arc and all the wonderful people that make it such a happy place.

Nicola ArmitageParent of a 1 and 4 year old

The Arc is a wonderful nursery! There is a real sense of camaraderie between the Arc team which translates to a very warm, safe and happy environment for the children. My daughter really enjoys the messy play and outdoor activities and is incredibly relaxed and happy with her keyworker.

Elizabeth Roberts Parent of a 1 year old

We are absolutely delighted with the Arc.  Our daughter is so excited to arrive every morning and has formed excellent relationships with the team.  The care is exemplary and it is wonderful to know she is happy, engaged and learning every day.  The meals are prepared on site which makes us feel she’s being really well cared for – and she eats everything!

Robert and Leah Watt Parents of a 1 year old

The staff at the nursery are exceptional. They know and care for my daughters beautifully. It’s wonderful to hear at the end of each day, a book recommendation for the oldest, or a funny anecdote about the youngest. The staff work tirelessly to keep my girls happy, fed, watered and stimulated. They are just awesome!

Natalie KenyonParent of 1 and 5 year old

We are so pleased with Arc Nursery! All of the staff are highly competent and very lovely and its’ premises are just fantastic. I just love the fact that at the end of the day I get to pick up a messy, happy kid who’s experienced yet another wonderful day.

Ina Jorgensen Parent of a 3 year old

We have been so pleased with how happy and settled Sam has been since he’s been at the Arc. The staff are caring and supportive and form great relationships with the children. The emphasis on learning through play is fantastic and as well as having a happy child we have also noticed huge leaps in his social and emotional development. Thank you!

Sarah SticklandParent of a 2 year old

Arc Nursery have been great at tailoring their care to my son’s needs – from sleep patterns to eating habits to potty training. I have been struck by how sensitive the Arc Nursery staff are to my son’s changing needs – offering lots of high energy and fun play, but also recognising when he needs a cuddle and story. The variety of activities and open plan of the rooms are fantastic – allowing the children to play freely and interact with lots of groups. We have been hugely impressed by the staff in both the Sunshine and Rainbow rooms – my son has formed close bonds with both his key workers (he talks about the fun they have together) but also he clearly enjoys playing with all the staff. The staff at Arc Nursery are great at encouraging the children to play together without forcing it. Within this environment my son has formed very sweet and close friendships with other children from an early age. The administrative staff at Arc Nursery are friendly, flexible and very on-the-ball

Catherine BakerParent of a 3 year old

The Arc is everything we needed it to be…friendly, fun and caring and most importantly our daughter is very happy there.

Amanda Dickens Parent of a 1 year old

Both our sons have been attending the Arc from the age of 8 months. Entrusting our children to the Arc is a decision that we have not regretted as the staff have far exceeded our expectations.  The team has been easy to talk to, encouraging, patient, informative and committed. Our younger son‘s food allergies were taken seriously by all who attended to him which helped to alleviate any concerns we had about him being exposed to the wrong foods. We have been particularly impressed with our children’s language skills as English is not spoken as the first language at home.

Nadine & Frederik Rettinger Parent to a 4 and 2 year old