• Settling in at Arc Nursery

Home Visits

We are currently (since Covid) no longer offering home visits. We now start our two-week settling period with 2 primary park visits to get to know home routines and the child and parent. These park visits will give you the chance to meet your key person and allow time for you and your child to start to bond with them. It also allows them to learn about your child’s home routine, time for you to ask any questions you may have before starting at the Arc and for them to give you all the relevant paperwork needed.

Settling in period

Before your child starts at the nursery, there will be a settling in period of a minimum of 2 weeks running across a consecutive 10 days. The first week is free and you will be required to stay for the whole 1.5 hour period with your child. The second week is charged at a rate of £250, as you will leave your child once they are settled in the care of the nursery for extended periods of time throughout this week. For more information click here.

Settling in at Arc Nursery